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About the ASBTE


The ASBTE was formed in 1989. It provides a national focus for professionals who have interests in research, education, development and regulation of biomaterials, tissue engineering and medical devices. Internationally, the Society is a member of the group of Biomaterials Societies who coordinate international activities, including the World Biomaterials Congress.



The ASBTE aims to provide a forum for dissemination of research knowledge in the fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering. This is achieved through annual meetings, which also bring researchers together for generating opportunities for collaborative research. This society also strongly believes in supporting students and early-career researchers through conference and travel awards.

ASBTE Policies

The ASBTE strives to achieve inclusivity, diversity and gender balance in all aspects of our society and conferences. In all aspects of our society (including conferences organising), we shall endeavour to achieve this basic principle. There shall be balance through equal and diverse representation in all aspects of our society. For example, there shall be equal gender representation on the organising committees, session chairs, Keynote Speakers, and general speakers. Full details of the Inclusion, Diversity and Gender Equity Policy can be found on the Policies page.

Data collected, stored and processed by ASBTE is low risk personal, publically available information provided voluntarily by individuals who choose to join the society. The data is stored electronically by a limited number of ASBTE committee members and used exclusively for ASBTE administrative purposes and not passed to any external parties. Full details of the Data Management Policy can be found on the Policies page.

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We aim to keep you up to date on important news and events in biomaterials and tissue engineering. We will happily post relevant jobs. We also provide society contacts and links to relevant places on the internet.


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