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2022 ASBTE Award for Research Excellence
Andrea O'Connor and Sally McArthur


2022 ASBTE Emerging Leadership Award 



Amy Gelmi

Previous award winners


ASBTE Award for Research Excellence

The ASBTE Award for Research Excellence recognizes a member of the society who has made a significant contribution to the fields of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.


2022: Prof. Andrea O'Connor and Prof. Sally McArthur

2020: Prof. Tim Woodfield

2018: Dr. Thilak Gunatillake

2016: Prof. Hans Griesser

2014: Prof. Tony Weiss

2012: Prof. Dietmar Hutmacher


ASBTE Award of Excellence

This award recognises a member of ASBTE who has made a significant contribution to the Society and has an outstanding record in developing, maintaining and promoting the goals of the Society.


2023: Prof. Penny Martens

2019: A/Prof. Lisbeth Grondahl

2017: Prof. Laura Poole-Warren

2015: E/Prof. Rolfe Howlett

2013: Dr. Jerome Werkmeister

2011: Dr. John Ramshaw


ASBTE Emerging Investigator Award


2023: Dr. Nathalie Bock

2019: Dr. Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina

ASBTE Emerging Leadership Award


2022: Dr. Amy Gelmi

ASBTE Lifetime Membership Award


2015: Dr. John Ramshaw


ASBTE Laboratory Travel Award

2018: Thomas Michl (International)

2016: Jacob Coffey (International), Christoph Meinert (International), Yinghong Zhou (International)

2015: Dr. Brooke Farrugia (International), Thomas Michl (Domestic)


ASBTE Conference Award Winners

Awards are given for the best oral and poster presentations at the annual ASBTE conference.


2019: Charleston Wilson (Best research pitch), Muthu Vellayappan (Best research pitch)

2018: Fei Wei (Student oral prize), Tony Hu (Student poster prize), Alvaro Sanchez (Student poster prize, runner-up), Yu Lian Xiang (Student poster prize, 3rd), Adam Martin (Australian Nanotechnology Network Young Investigator Award), Anna Waterhouse (Australian Nanotechnology Network Young Investigator Award Runner-Up), Michael Mueller (ECR oral prize)

2017: Abbas Shafiee (ECR poster award), Francesca Maclean (Best rapid-fire presentation), Gabriella Brown (Best student oral presentation), Khoon Lim (ECR oral award), Navid Saidy (Best student poster)

2016: Wei Tong (WBC2016 IBBME at the University of Toronto Trainee Award), Brooke Pereira (WBC Merit Award), Ali Shokoohmand (WBC Merit Award)

2015: Clementine Pradal (ECR oral award), Alexander Patton (Student oral award in biomaterial science), Katrin-Stephanie Tuecking (Student oral award in biointerfaces), Mohammed Hossain (ANFF-SA award for best research in the micro/nano area), Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich (Student poster award), Alexandra Rodriguez and Katharina Schirmer (People's choice poster award)

2014: Justine Roberts (ECR oral prize), Aaron Dingle (Student oral prize), Javad Jafari (Student poster prize), Stephanie Müller (Best poster in micro/nano-fabrication)

2013: Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina, (ECR oral prize), Kelly Tsang (Best presentation overall), James Vassie (Best presentation, research involving nano/micro), Susan Christo (Best student presentation), Morteza Hasanzadeh Kafshgari (Student poster prize)

2012: Awarded "Rapid Fire Poster Awards" at WBC in Chengdu, PRC,  Josef Goding (UNSW), Eman Nafea (UNSW), Helmut Thissen (CSIRO)

2011: Lisa White (ECR oral prize); Nathalie Bock and Ryan Hartwell (Student oral prize, joint winners); Toby Brown (Student poster prize)

2010: Karina George (ECR oral prize);  Nicole Yu  (Student oral prize);  Thanh Nguyen (Student poster prize)

2009: Simone Rizzi (ECR oral prize); Yogambha Ramaswamy (Student oral prize); Jelena Rnjak (Student poster prize)

2008:  None awarded due to WBC in Amsterdam and no ASBTE conference that year

2007: Ben Muir (Young Investigator); Julie Nigro (Poster Award); Brooke Farrugia (Student Oral Award)

2006: Erin Rayment and Charles Williams (Oral); Helena Hadisputra (Poster); Kristen Bremmell (Young Investigator)

2005: Tristan Croll (Oral); Fathuma Magdon Ismail (Poster)

2004: Gabrielle Pennings

2002: Jasjit Bajeua

2001: William Higgs

2000: Sally McArthur

1999: Nan Chen

1998: Brian Ziegelaar

1997: Setrig Yozghatilan

1996: Jari Hyvarinen

1995: Darren Martin

1994: Meg Evans and Catherine Dodd

1992: Owen Standard


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