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ASBTE Emerging Investigator Award 2021
Khoon Lim

This award recognises an early career researcher, who has demonstrated outstanding research contributions and potential in regards to a future distinguished career in the field of biomaterials and/or tissue engineering. This award is given every second year.

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ASBTE Award of Excellence 2021



Keith McLean

McLean Keith_ASBTE award 2021.jpg

Previous award winners


ASBTE Award for Research Excellence

The ASBTE Award for Research Excellence recognizes a member of the society who has made a significant contribution to the fields of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.


2020: Prof. Tim Woodfield

2018: Dr. Thilak Gunatillake

2016: Prof. Hans Griesser

2014: Prof. Tony Weiss

2012: Prof. Dietmar Hutmacher


ASBTE Award of Excellence

This award recognises a member of ASBTE who has made a significant contribution to the Society and has an outstanding record in developing, maintaining and promoting the goals of the Society.


2019: A/Prof. Lisbeth Grondahl

2017: Prof. Laura Poole-Warren

2015: E/Prof. Rolfe Howlett

2013: Dr. Jerome Werkmeister

2011: Dr. John Ramshaw


ASBTE Emerging Investigator Award

2019: Dr. Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina

ASBTE Lifetime Membership Award


2015: Dr. John Ramshaw


ASBTE Laboratory Travel Award

2018: Thomas Michl (International)

2016: Jacob Coffey (International), Christoph Meinert (International), Yinghong Zhou (International)

2015: Dr. Brooke Farrugia (International), Thomas Michl (Domestic)


ASBTE Conference Award Winners

Awards are given for the best oral and poster presentations at the annual ASBTE conference.


2019: Charleston Wilson (Best research pitch), Muthu Vellayappan (Best research pitch)

2018: Fei Wei (Student oral prize), Tony Hu (Student poster prize), Alvaro Sanchez (Student poster prize, runner-up), Yu Lian Xiang (Student poster prize, 3rd), Adam Martin (Australian Nanotechnology Network Young Investigator Award), Anna Waterhouse (Australian Nanotechnology Network Young Investigator Award Runner-Up), Michael Mueller (ECR oral prize)

2017: Abbas Shafiee (ECR poster award), Francesca Maclean (Best rapid-fire presentation), Gabriella Brown (Best student oral presentation), Khoon Lim (ECR oral award), Navid Saidy (Best student poster)

2016: Wei Tong (WBC2016 IBBME at the University of Toronto Trainee Award), Brooke Pereira (WBC Merit Award), Ali Shokoohmand (WBC Merit Award)

2015: Clementine Pradal (ECR oral award), Alexander Patton (Student oral award in biomaterial science), Katrin-Stephanie Tuecking (Student oral award in biointerfaces), Mohammed Hossain (ANFF-SA award for best research in the micro/nano area), Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich (Student poster award), Alexandra Rodriguez and Katharina Schirmer (People's choice poster award)

2014: Justine Roberts (ECR oral prize), Aaron Dingle (Student oral prize), Javad Jafari (Student poster prize), Stephanie Müller (Best poster in micro/nano-fabrication)

2013: Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina, (ECR oral prize), Kelly Tsang (Best presentation overall), James Vassie (Best presentation, research involving nano/micro), Susan Christo (Best student presentation), Morteza Hasanzadeh Kafshgari (Student poster prize)

2012: Awarded "Rapid Fire Poster Awards" at WBC in Chengdu, PRC,  Josef Goding (UNSW), Eman Nafea (UNSW), Helmut Thissen (CSIRO)

2011: Lisa White (ECR oral prize); Nathalie Bock and Ryan Hartwell (Student oral prize, joint winners); Toby Brown (Student poster prize)

2010: Karina George (ECR oral prize);  Nicole Yu  (Student oral prize);  Thanh Nguyen (Student poster prize)

2009: Simone Rizzi (ECR oral prize); Yogambha Ramaswamy (Student oral prize); Jelena Rnjak (Student poster prize)

2008:  None awarded due to WBC in Amsterdam and no ASBTE conference that year

2007: Ben Muir (Young Investigator); Julie Nigro (Poster Award); Brooke Farrugia (Student Oral Award)

2006: Erin Rayment and Charles Williams (Oral); Helena Hadisputra (Poster); Kristen Bremmell (Young Investigator)

2005: Tristan Croll (Oral); Fathuma Magdon Ismail (Poster)

2004: Gabrielle Pennings

2002: Jasjit Bajeua

2001: William Higgs

2000: Sally McArthur

1999: Nan Chen

1998: Brian Ziegelaar

1997: Setrig Yozghatilan

1996: Jari Hyvarinen

1995: Darren Martin

1994: Meg Evans and Catherine Dodd

1992: Owen Standard


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