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ASBTE Mentoring Pilot

Report by Penny Martens, Oct 2020

In 2020, ASBTE has trialled a mentoring scheme. The mentoring scheme was one of the outcomes from the 2019 Society Planning day. It was a key initiative and seen as a way to help our more junior academics, create more collaborations, and in 2020, just generally feel more connected.

We had 8 people interested in being mentees, and 8 people interested in being mentors. All mentees were matched with 2 potential mentors based on their goals. We ended up matching 7 mentees with 5 mentors.  Mentoring relationships started in early Aug and are on-going.

Early reports back from the mentees are that things are going well.Two quotes from the mentees:

"Initially I only sought career advice, but it’s actually quite useful to have someone outside my lab group that can help me navigate issues within the lab."

"Overall I have really benefitted from xxx’s mentoring so fully support more rounds of the mentoring program going ahead!"

We will follow up with both mentors and mentees towards the end of the year. If everything is still going well, then we will also be looking to run another round in 2021. So keep an eye on your inbox if you are interested in joining in.

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