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Biomaterial Bites

Welcome to Biomaterial Bites!


This features short ~5min interviews with a member of our community. Find out more about their research and more.... perfect to watch over a  quick coffee break! 

We would love to know more about all members of our society, if you would like to be featured on Biomaterial Bites, please get in touch here. 

#9 Andrea O'Connor (March 2023)

#8 Amy Gelmi (December 2022)













#7 Elena de Juan Pardo (August 2022)

#6- Kelly Tsang (March 2022)

#5- Gretel Major (December 2021)

#4- Dr Ashley Murphy (September 2021)

#3- Dr Khoon Lim (July 2021)

#2- A/Prof Penny Martens (May 2021)

#1- Dr Bryan Coad, ASBTE President (March 2021)

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