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What's going on in the world of biomaterials and tissue engineering?


What's Happening?
Science meets Parliament - opportunity to attend 
28th February- 4th March 2022

The ASBTE will support the registration fees for one member to attend Science Meets Parliament in 2022. This is an event organised by Science and Technology Australia to connect federal Parliamentarians with those working in science and technology.

Keynote speakers in 2022 include global superstar Professor Brian Cox, Nobel Laureates Professor Peter Doherty and Professor Brian Schmidt, Australia's Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley, the trailblazing Tanya Hosch and Professor Veena Sahajwalla, MPs, Superstars of STEM and many more.

For details visit



EARLY BIRD Registration is open until 20 December 2021

Scholarship applications are open until 4 February 2022.

To apply

If you are interested, please send short motivation statement to by Friday December 17th.

ASBTE logo competition

The ASBTE logo, shown above, has been in use since 2007. After consultation with the membership, the committee has decided that it is time to create a new logo, with the help of you, our lovely members! We therefore invite you to contribute your ideas for a new inspiring and eye-catching ASBTE logo.


The design criteria are as follows: the logo should

  • Be representative of biomaterials

  • Be representative of Australasia

  • Contain the letters ASBTE


To provide you with an idea of how to create a winning design, below are the points of explanation provided by the designer of the current logo:


The symbol incorporates:

  • Orthogonal lines denoting biomaterials, scaffolds, or cell

  • Four point stars denoting cells

  • An interconnected logo illustrating cells connected together with the help of biomaterials

  • An interconnected logo illustrating centres of research networked together by the ASBTE

  • The Southern cross representing the Australian origin of the ASBTE

  • Outstretched symbol indicates growth of the ASBTE as it networks into the Indo-Asia-Pacific

  • Region


The winning designer will be credited in the newsletter & social media, recognized on the website, and awarded free registration to the 2022 ASBTE conference. 


Please submit your design plus a brief explanation HERE. Entries are due before 5pm on 1st March 2022.

N.B. All decisions on the winning logo are at the discretion of the ASBTE Committee. We reserve the right to make an award only if an appropriate logo is submitted. 

ASBTE Annual meeting 2022

The 2022 ASBTE meeting will be held in Melbourne. Further details here

ASBTE Awards 2021

The award winners were announced at the AGM in May 2021. Khoon Lim was named ASBTE Emerging Investigator and Keith McLean was recognised for his outstanding contributions to biomaterials with the ASBTE Award of Excellence. For more details see our Awards page.

International College of Fellows of Biomaterials Science & Engineering
Three of our society members who were elected to the International College of Fellows of Biomaterials Science & Engineering. The announcement was made at the World Biomaterials Congress in December 2020. Congratulations to:
- Justin Cooper-White
- Veronica Glattauer
- Tim Woodfield
World Biomaterials Congress, 2020

The World Biomaterials Congress was held virtually from the 11-15th December 2020. The ASBTE were pleased to support 11 of our members with an ASBTE Travel Award. Congratulations!!! The awardees were:

  • Alexandra Mutch

  • Asim Mushtaq

  • Bram Soliman

  • Bruna Garms

  • Ilze Donderwinkel

  • Kate Firipis

  • Kieran Lau

  • Maria Garcia Cruz

  • Meg McFetridge

  • Premlatha Jagadeesan

  • Yue Yao

ASBTE Mentoring Pilot

Report by Penny Martens, Oct 2020

In 2020, ASBTE has trialled a mentoring scheme. The mentoring scheme was one of the outcomes from the 2019 Society Planning day. It was a key initiative and seen as a way to help our more junior academics, create more collaborations, and in 2020, just generally feel more connected.

We had 8 people interested in being mentees, and 8 people interested in being mentors. All mentees were matched with 2 potential mentors based on their goals. We ended up matching 7 mentees with 5 mentors.  Mentoring relationships started in early Aug and are on-going.

Early reports back from the mentees are that things are going well.Two quotes from the mentees:

"Initially I only sought career advice, but it’s actually quite useful to have someone outside my lab group that can help me navigate issues within the lab."

"Overall I have really benefitted from xxx’s mentoring so fully support more rounds of the mentoring program going ahead!"

We will follow up with both mentors and mentees towards the end of the year. If everything is still going well, then we will also be looking to run another round in 2021. So keep an eye on your inbox if you are interested in joining in.

2022 ASBTE Annual Meeting Flyer.jpg

ASBTE Newsletter


Check out the latest ASBTE Newsletter (December 2020)!


If you've missed one of the previous Newsletters, please check out the Archive.

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