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Are you looking for a career in biomaterials?


Whether you're looking to fill a job or degree in biomaterials or tissue engineering, or looking for a job to fill, we'd like to help. 


If you have any jobs or degree opportunities you would like to post here, please email Jess Frith.




ASBTE has a Linkedin group.  Join and grow your biomaterials and tissue engineering networks.  You can see posted jobs from within the network, and also post jobs and join discussions.





PhD Scholarship- ARC Training Centre for Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies

Several industry-focussed PhD projects are available within the centre. Topics include novel antimicrobial coatings, hydrogels for muscle repair, and materials development for manufacturing of therapeutic cells and cell derived manufacturing. For further details see:

PhD Scholarships, Materials Science & Engineering, Monash University 

Projects are available in the following areas:


4 scholarship rounds per year

  • International: Round 1 closes March 31st, Round 2 closes August 31st.

  • Domestic: Round 1 closes May 31st, Round 2 closes October 31st.


For more details see:

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